Watch Dogs - 6xDVD5 (CIU 2.0.2)

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Watch Dogs - 6xDVD5 (CIU 2.0.2)

Postby VollachR » 12 Nov 2015, 15:15

by VollachR

Special Thanks: REV0, BAMsE, Yener90

Images: Google Search
Cursor: DevianART by Mr-Blade ( ... -307259006)
Music: Game OST - Track 10 - Ghost of the Past
Button & Text BG Graphics: Own made with Photoshop CS5
Conversion Type: CIU 2.0.2 by Yener90
Compression Time: Up to 3 hours
Install Time: Approx 30 Minutes
Tested On: Windows 8.1 64bit
Version: 1.0 (Initial Release, Further updates possible but not planned)

Supported Install Languages:

Code: Select all

Multi20: English US, English UK, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Portugese Brazil, Russian, Spanish, Swedish


1. Install the game, 1.04 Patch & Bad Blood DLC

Note: You may need update 1.03 before 1.04

2. Download & Extract the attachments WD_6xDVD5.rar anywhere you want, except the game's install folder.

3. Move Support folder from game installation to WD_1 folder

4. Run Splitter.exe and split the file wind_city.dat (located in data_win64\worlds\wind_city), select 1GB option when asked (Choice 3)

5. When done, remove wind_city.dat from game folder

6. Run compress.bat file and type in the path to where you installed the game, press ENTER and wait for finished message.

Note: At this time you can add additional files to DVD 6, Crack, Manual, etc.

7. Create ISO files with your preferred software.

8. Test the conversion before burning


Final Size

DVD 1: 4.21GB
DVD 2: 3.87GB
DVD 3: 4.03GB
DVD 4: 4.04GB
DVD 5: 3.97GB
DVD 6: 1.00GB

Version History

Version 1.0: Initial Release

[b[Known Bugs:[/b] Website button text on Czech & Polish Language is too long for button






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