Memento Mori Collectors Edition - 2xDVD5 (CIU2.0.3)

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Memento Mori Collectors Edition - 2xDVD5 (CIU2.0.3)

Postby VollachR » 03 Nov 2015, 14:29

Memento Mori Collectors Edition - 2xDVD5
by VollachR

Images: Google Search
Icon: Downloaded off DevianArt
Cursor: Own made based on in-game cursor
Music: From Memento Mori OST (Song 1)
Setup Graphics: VollachR (Based on materials from Google Search)
Conversion Type: CIU 2.0.3 by Yener90 (Modified by BAMsE)
Compression Time: Up to 5 minutes
Compression Type: FreeArc -m0
Install Time: Up to 5 minutes
Tested On: Windows 8.1 64Bit
Version: 1.0

Special Thanks:
CIUv2: Yener9
CIUv2 Modifications: BAMsE
General Thanks: REV0
Batch file: Based on Peterf1999 Method
                      Originally created by Fabiodd
                      Reformatted by ahmetbtmn
                      Edited by Myself

Supported Install Languages:

Code: Select all

English, French, Italian, German, Czech, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch

Version Hisotry:

Version 1.0: Initial Release


1. Install the game both Memento Mori & Memento Mori 2 into the same folder (I.E. C:\Games), Apply No-Cd patches if necessary.

2. Download & Extract the attachment MoriCE.rar anywhere you want, NOT the game's install folders.

3. Run compress.bat file and type in the path to where you installed the games (I.E. C:\Games), press ENTER and wait for finished message.

Note #1: At this time you can add additional files to Mori_2 folder, Soundtrack, Cracks etc.

Note #2: In some cases Memento Mori may include the Original Soundtrack in the game folder, it is excluded from compression, if you want to preserve it copy the soundtrack folder to Mori_2 folder of conversion

4. Create ISO files automatically or with your preferred software.

5. Test the conversion before burning


Final Sizes

DVD 1: 3.72GB
DVD 2: 2.26GB (W/O additional contents)






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