Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - 2xDVD5 (CIU2.0.3)

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - 2xDVD5 (CIU2.0.3)

Postby VollachR » 30 Oct 2015, 15:15

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel 2xDVD5
by VollachR

Images: Google Search
Cursor: Default
Music: Taken from game
Button & Text BG Graphics: Own made with Photoshop CS5
Conversion Type: 2.0.3 by Yener90 (Modified by BAMsE)
Compression Time: Around 15-30 Minutes
Compression Type: FreeArc -M4
Install Time: About 7 Minutes
Tested On: Windows 8.1 64bit
Version: 1.05

Version History:

Version 1.02: Initial Release, Compatible with patch 1.02 & DLC

Version 1.03: Updated the conversion to be compatible with 1.03 Update including DLC

Version 1.04: Updated the conversion to be compatible with 1.04 Update including DLC

Version 1.05: Updated the conversion to be compatible with 1.05 Update + ALL DLC

Supported Setup Languages:

Code: Select all

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian


1. Install the game.

2. Install Update 1.0.5, Install the Claptastic Voyage DLC as well since it isn't included in the update, apply No-CD crack if you want (Or you can add it to DVD2 later)

3. Download & Extract the BTPS_2xDVD5_105F.rar file anywhere you want, except the game's install folder.

4. Run compress.bat file and type in the path to where you installed the game, press ENTER and wait for finished message.

Note: At this time you can add the crack and/or any additional contents such as Manual, Soundtrack, etc. to BTPS_2 folder.

5. Create ISO automatically or with your preferred software.

6. Test the conversion before burning


Final Size

DVD 1: 4.35GB
DVD 2: 4.32GB (Without Extra Contents & Crack folder)






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