Styx Master of Shadows 1xDVD5 [CIU 2.0.3]

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Styx Master of Shadows 1xDVD5 [CIU 2.0.3]

Postby Exodius » 17 Jun 2016, 20:24

Styx Master of Shadows 1xDVD5 [CIU 2.0.3]
by NamelessOne

Based on: CIU 2.0.3 by yener90
Compression method by: peterf1999

Special thanks: REV0LUTION, Fabioddq, Grumpy, pakrat, BAMsE
Art: found online and ingame
Icon: Agastan
Music: Couple of songs from game OST by Game Audio Factory
Tested on: Win7 Home Premium 64bit and Win7 Ultimate 32bit
Final size: 4.24 GB's

1. Extract attachment somewhere on your computer, NOT in the game installation directory
2. Drag resampling.lst, to radbatch.exe, change the D:\Games\Styx Master of Shadows to your game installation folder and click Start. Wait for conversion to be complete (won't take too long), delete cin_01.cmv and cin_02.cmv from Movies folder in your installation folder and delete "new_" from new_cin_01.cmv and new_cin_02.cmv.
3. Run compressor.bat, enter game path and wait
4. Make ISO file or test from HDD before burning

Game won't fit on 1xDVD5 no matter the compression but the movies are in 1080p. This conversion only reduces them to 720p. Quality is not affected. This conversion was made for 1.02 version.



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