Icewind Dale Anthology 1xDVD5 *CIU 2.0.2*

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Icewind Dale Anthology 1xDVD5 *CIU 2.0.2*

Postby Exodius » 17 Jun 2016, 20:20

Icewind Dale Anthology 1xDVD5 *CIU 2.0.2*
by NamelessOne

Based on: CIU 2.0.2 by yener90
Compression method by: peterf1999 and Fabioddq
Art: found online and ingame
Icon: Internet (can't remember where I've found it, if someone does, please let me know the name of the author so I can credit him)
Music: Icewind Dale Theme from game OST by Jeremy Soule
Tested on: Win7 Home Premium 64bit and Win7 Ultimate 32bit
Final size: ~3.3 GB's without extra stuff
Special thanks:BAMsE for helping with the design,yener90 for helping when my stupidity kicked in and my brain stopped functioning :D

1. Install the games and expansion, extract attachment somewhere on your computer, NOT in the game installation directory
2. Make one folder on your computer, name it whatever you like, create 2 folders in it and name them: Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II. Now move files from your installation directories to the appropriate newly created folders.
3. Start Compress.bat, enter path of your folder containing both games, wait for it to compile
4. Make ISO file and test before burning

Unlike Planescape: Torment installer, this one is made for the unmodded game. If you want to make conversion with the modded games, you'll need to modify .lst files a bit. Just ask if you need some help ;) Also, this is made with the GOG versions of the games. If you have CD versions, please check the game files to see if anything missing (I doubt it, but just in case).


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