Codename: Panzers Anthology 2xDVD5 [CIU 2.0.3]

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Codename: Panzers Anthology 2xDVD5 [CIU 2.0.3]

Postby Exodius » 17 Jun 2016, 20:15

Codename: Panzers Anthology 2xDVD5 [CIU 2.0.3]
by NamelessOne

Based on: CIU 2.0.3 by yener90 ( modified by BAMsE)
Compression method by: peterf1999
Special thanks: REV0LUTION, Fabioddq, Grumpy, pakrat, BAMsE
Art: found online and ingame
Music: Couple of songs from Codename: Panzers Phase One OST by Péter Antovszki
Tested on: Win7 Home Premium 64bit and Win7 Ultimate 32bit
Final size: DVD1=2.35 GB's, DVD2=3.28 GB's

1. Extract attachment somewhere on your computer, NOT in the game installation directory
2. Install all three Codename: Panzers game and update Phase One to 1.10, Phase Two to 1.06
3. Make one folder on your computer, name it whatever you like, create 3 folders in it and name them: Phase One, Phase Two and Cold War. Now move files from your installation directories to the appropriate newly created folders (don't include uninstall files)
4. Run compressor.bat, enter game path and wait
5. Make ISO file or test from HDD before burning

NOTE: You can include any mod or maps, they will be included. Redists are not supported. Installer does not have any slideshow during installation since I couldn't find any nice screenshots.



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