Risen 3 (incl. DLCs) - 1xDVD5 [CIUv2 + srep + 1lang]

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Risen 3 (incl. DLCs) - 1xDVD5 [CIUv2 + srep + 1lang]

Postby BAMsE » 18 Dec 2015, 01:10


Compatible with 2014 Vanilla Edition v1.2 Steam version / 2015 Enhanced Edition v1.0 Steam version and all DLCs


script: CIUv2 by yener90
converter: Universal Conversion Script v. by BAMsE
design: BAMsE
music: Iron Sand + Farewell + Fading Far Away + Sister Windancer (5′30'' Risen 3 OST compilation)
background: Risen 3 CGI Trailer + 12 slides

DVDs: 1
sizes: 4.17GB
compression: srep
ripped: foreign languages (choosed during conversion)
prepare time: ~1 hour (E5450@3.9GHz / 8GB RAM)
installation time: ~10 minutes
languages: CZ, DE, EN, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, PR, PRBR, RU, SW


1. Install Risen 3 and:
  • update to v1.2 (tested) or apply Enhanced Edition patch 1.0 (tested too),
  • apply nocd if needed (there may be no free space on last DVD),
  • optionally install DLCs.

2. Download R3_1xDVD5.rar and extract it to any TEMP (NOT into game folder!).
Be sure to have at least 5GB of free space in the TEMP directory.

3. Go to TEMP, run converter.exe:
  • choose your game folder or click [Cancel] to use default one,
  • choose to shut down your PC after conversion or not,
  • choose to create iso or not,
  • choose preferred language.

4. Test installation and game. Make iso/burn content of R3_# folders with any label.




R3_1xDVD5.rar (47.9MB / Google Drive)

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"The Core" Team
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Re: Risen 3 (incl. DLCs) - 1xDVD5 [CIUv2 + srep + 1lang]

Postby KaktoR » 19 Feb 2016, 20:21

The game is just released on GOG


But the conversion should work with GOG also without any reg keys (especially since the game is already patched out).

Just to let you know ;)
Haters gonna hate!

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