Batman Arkham City GOTY {GFWL} - 3xDVD5

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Batman Arkham City GOTY {GFWL} - 3xDVD5

Postby Exodius » 13 Mar 2016, 18:52

Batman Arkham City GOTY - 3xDVD5 One language *CIU+srep+FreeArc lzma*
by Fabioddq

This conversion will work only on GFWL version of the game.

Based on CIU by yener90; Music: BAC Main Theme; Video: Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Trailer;

To create ISO files (optional), you need to install ImgBurn. Download HERE!
Remove your original uninstall files (IF EXIST) before you make the conversion.

DirectX Web Installer was added because there was not space for the offline version;
Installer has: Video.mp4, transparent autorun and installer;
Redist folder has included: DirectX web Installer and Visual C++ 2010.

1. Install the game in your language. Download attachment and extract (Not in game folder);

2. Go to your game installation folder\BmGame\CookedPCConsole and delete the languages ​​that you don't need (Leave one language!), if you choose English for example, delete:

Code: Select all

French(France) folder;
German folder;
Italian folder;
Spanish(Spain) folder;

3. From your DVD9, copy gfwlivesetup.exe to BACGOTY_1\Redist:

4. Apply no-cd (This is important or Configuration button will not work!)

5. Run compress.bat, select your game directory and wait for Finished!

Final Sizes (Installation time: ~ 20 min):
DVD1: 4,33 GB (4.658.809.505 bytes);
DVD2: 4,37 GB (4.701.778.818 bytes);
DVD3: 4,37 GB (4.694.080.601 bytes);


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