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Divinity - Original Sin Enhanced Edition [3xDVD5]

Posted: 23 May 2016, 20:35
by KaktoR
Setup script (CIUv2) by Yener90. Modified by BAMsE.
UCS (Universal Conversion Script) by BAMsE.
Thanks to altef_4 for PNGtoBMP converter.

Music taken from Original Game Soundtrack

Pics taken from google and ingame (screenshots).

Design inspired from REV0's simple setup layout.

- Conversion is compatible with GOG Patch
-Redists are not supportet. Leave them in game folder or copy&paste to last DVD.

1. Download and extract the archive to somewhere (over the rainbow~)
2. Run converter.exe
3. Wait for finish
4. Have fun

As always test before burn on DVD!
Extract archive with WinRAR5+!


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Re: Divinity - Original Sin Enhanced Edition [3xDVD5]

Posted: 07 Dec 2017, 22:17
by kassane
Please update GOG v2.0.119.430 registry.