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CIUv2 public version

Postby BAMsE » 26 Feb 2016, 18:42


Current version is 2.0.4 beta 5 (hotfix 3). Please report any issues and ideas. Also help in translation is welcome.

Actual things-to-do is placed HERE

If you have any question or the lack of clarity of using CIUv2 please use THIS thread.

Due to some changes in subfolders and unnecessary files removal, content of this archive will be used as a base for feature updates, for The Core users.

CIUv2 (Custom Installer Ultimate ver.2) is a powerful INNO Setup script created by yener90. Its history began in 2011 on - one of the online forums dedicated to game conversions. The yener's intent was to create an easy-to-use tool able to create custom installers for repackaged games. That's how the CI (Custom Installer) was created. With the help of many people the project developed quickly, gaining new features and became easier to use. This led to the creation of CIUv2, which was gaining more and more popularity day by day.

The growing popularity and the fact that the project was completely opensource caused that some users have appropriated a portion or all of the code and published under his own name. Administration of didn't stand up for the yener's rights to the script and started a cold war with him. Consequently yener90 withdrew, leaving me the script. As it turned out, another common practice on was stealing the concept and graphic elements of installers created by experienced users. For these reasons, along with several users of mentioned site, we created a new place to find and publish conversions based on CIUv2. So welcome on DVD9toDVD5.

Although I'm not a programmer, I made every effort to fix all the bugs and introduce new features to meet the expectations of users and
the requirements of modern games. Throughout all this time the script was available only to a narrow group of users, for fear of another theft. Now, thanks to the tools provided by altef_4, I can give you a public version of the script that contains all the fixes and improvements made by me. So have fun and share your awesome creations with us. Good luck.

  1. Download CIU_v2.0.4.rar and extract completely.
  2. If there is any update.rar please download it and extract to the same folder as above.
  3. Prepare all audio and graphic elements of your installer and place it under Setup subfolder.
  4. Tweak setup.ini to set all options as application name, buttons position, redistributables and so on...
  5. Run compiler.exe to create your installer.

You can find all png names and all available options in attached _setup.ini file.
There is also a great WIKI created by VollachR.


Code: Select all

V2.0.4.0 beta 5
- [hotfix 3] fixed problem with not creating uninstall.exe,

- [hotfix 2] added checking of setup.ico and setup.ini presence,

- [hotfix 1] fixed obligatory files checking,

- solved problem with uninstalling when ‘PACK GAME’ option was used (now uninstall.tmp will be created in the root
  folder of game dir and compressed among other game files; during installation process it will be used to create
  uninstall.exe; you need to use ‘EXTERNAL’ option in this case to make uninstaller work properly).

V2.0.4.0 beta 4
- [hotfix 4] disabled solid compression on PACKGAME option,

- [hotfix 3] fixed double time converted color of Title,

- [hotfix 2] significantly reduced CPU and RAM usage,

- [hotfix 1] fixed ‘PACK GAME’ folder recognition,

- completely rewritten Update function – no more possibility to data loss or files version mismatching after setup
  error or aborting by user; 

- added DirectX version checking to the Requirements Page; corresponding option for [MinSystemReq], [RecSystemReq]
  and [MaxSystemReq] is DirectX=

- added optional separate MusicAR.mp3 played on Autorun only,

- added [ExitSIButton], [MinimizeSIButton], [SmallPauseButton] and [EqualizerButtonSI] sections to control new
  SmallInstaller buttons,

- added Visible= option for [SmallCancelButton] and [SmallMusicButton],

- added compression and media type choices to the compiler when ‘PACK GAME’ enabled,

- few functions ported to peterf1999’s ISab.dll,

V2.0.4.0 beta 3
- [hotfix 1] [CheckAllSmallButton] changed to ‘Check All’ checkbox for both Launchers and Components (visible if
  there’s more than 2 elements),
- added ShadowColor= option for [StandardButton], [StandardButtonAR], [SmallButton] and [TextStage] (black by default);
  also tweaked shadow for [SmallButton] and [TextStage] to be more subtle,

- added NeededFor= option for [Component#] sections to determine which components are dependent (and making
  them not available if main component is disabled),

- bmp masks for Autorun.png, Installer#.png and SmallInstaller.png no more needed while you really need them
  (thanks to altef_4's pckr.dll),

v2.0.4.0 beta 2
- [hotfix 3] fixed problem with uninstalling if external archive is used,

- [hotfix 2] added missing botva2.iss and pckr.iss files,

- [hotfix 1] fixed bug  with not appearing SmallInstaller (thx houcine80),

- added support for archives/files splitting via included splitter.exe (slices must be stored in some archive with zero
  compression and extracted to {app}),
- added new entry to [ExtractSettings] section:
  last parameter tells the installer whether file is an archive and should be extracted; leave it blank for standard
  file that needs merging only,
- rearranged [ExtractSettings] section order to allow mixing extracting and merging (earlier installer proceeded at
  first all arc, next all 7zip, and last all rar archives; now you can mix them same as merging),
- implemented pckr.dll and bp.dll (both by altef_4) to completely prevent png and mp3 extraction (not available on
  public version atm),
- color notation changed from $BGR to $RGB,

- added Checked= option for [Component#] and [Launcher#] sections to determine default state of checkbox,

- added EULA, Subtittle, Autorun, Installer#, Logo and Splash files for missing languages,

- EULA and Subtitle files was renamed to use short lang codes (e.g. EULA_PL.rtf),

- added editable folder field to manually type destination dir,

- rebuilded Info page, added ConversionPage= option to [InstallOptions] used for www link displayed on Info page,

- added Exe64Path= option in [Executable#] sections (for different exe paths on x86 and x64 OS; thx KaktoR for info),

- added Alignment= option to the [Logo] section (available values are Left, Right and Center; if not present title
  will be aligned to the left); Center option is no longer needed,

- updated precomp (v0.4.2 alpha) and srep (3.93a beta) (thx kassane),

- dispack support added,

- reflate support testing (exprerimental compressor of raw data, causes poroblems and errors atm),

- language codes GetLangFull, GetLangShort, GetLangISO added (usable in Registry.iss e.g. {code:GetLangISO} will get a
  value depending on setup language, for english en-US, for polish pl-PL and so on),

- new Exe64= option in [Executable#] sections (for different exes on x86 and x64 OS like in Project Cars),

- VideoWidth= and VideoHeight= options in [InterfaceSettings] (video dimensions independent of the slide dimensions),

- vlc skins support (thx kassane),

- update function added (see whole new [UpdateOptions] section of setup.ini),

- fully customizable [SmallButtons] sections (Top= and Left= options added; if not present it will be positioned
  automatically as always),

- new [ProgressBar] section added for fully customizable ProgressBar,

- improved extras subpage (now if you have defined WWW button but extras button is disabled then WWW button will be
  shown on main autorun page),

- localized autorun / installer / slideshow (show backgrounds depending of setup language, e.g. autorun_pl.png,
  installer1_pl.png and logo_pl.png, if there is no localized background available standard png is used),

- localized application name (in setup.ini e.g. ApplicationNamePL=) for different names depending on setup language,
  if there is no localized name available standard ApplicationName is used, moreover if the name contains unicode
  characters and can't be written in setup.ini you still can put it into language txt file under [Messages] as

- new [Website2Button] added with all options as [WebsiteButton] has, plus Name= option; filenames should be
  Website2.png, Website2Selected.png and Website2Clicked.png (thx KaktoR for idea),

- fixed MusicButton leaking to Autorun in some cases (thx KaktoR),

- added Alignment= option to the [Title] section (available values are Left, Right and Center; if not present title
  will be placed automatically) (thx KaktoR for idea).

CIU_v2.0.4.rar (11.7MB / Google Drive)
update_5.3.rar (2.7MB / Google Drive)
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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby BAMsE » 26 Feb 2016, 19:37

  • translation to all possible languages English.txt (still needed: Albanian, Bosnian, ChineseT, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese)
  • improved handling of splitted archives.
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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby omdj » 26 Feb 2016, 20:53


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=Información de la versión
VersionScript=Versión del Script
VersionSetup=Versión del Setup
VersionGame=Versión del juego
VisitPP=Visita la página del proyecto
VisitCP=Visita la página de conversión
VisitWP=Visita la página wiki

CheckAll=Seleccionar todo
CheckNone=Desactivar todo
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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby Exodius » 26 Feb 2016, 22:32


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=Informacije o verziji
VersionScript=Verzija skripte
VersionSetup=Verzija konverzije
VersionGame=Verzija igre
VisitPP=Poseti stranicu projekta
VisitCP=Poseti stranicu konverzije
VisitWP=Poseti Wiki stranicu

CheckAll=Selektuj sve
CheckNone=Odselektuj sve

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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby ahmetbtmn » 27 Feb 2016, 00:02


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=Versiyon Bilgisi
VersionScript=Script Versiyon
VersionSetup=Kur Versiyon
VersionGame=Oyun Versiyon
VisitPP=Proje Sayfasına Git
VisitCP=Dönüştürme Sayfasına Git
VisitWP=Wiki Sayfasına Git

CheckAll=Hepsini Seç
CheckNone=Hiçbirini Seçme
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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby kassane » 27 Feb 2016, 12:53

Portuguese Brazil:

Code: Select all

InfoVersion=Informação da versão
VersionScript=Versão do Script
VersionSetup=Versão do Instalador
VersionGame=Versão do Jogo
VisitPP=Visitar página do projeto
VisitCP=Visitar página de conversão
VisitWP=Visitar página wiki

CheckAll=Marcar todos
CheckNone=Desmarcar todos
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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby VollachR » 27 Feb 2016, 13:13


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=מידע גרסה
VersionScript=גרסת סקריפט
VersionSetup=גרסת התקנה
VersionGame=גרסת משחק
VisitPP=בקר בעמוד הפרוייקט
VisitCP=בקר בעמוד ההמרה
VisitWP=בקר בעמוד הוויקי

CheckAll=סמן הכל
CheckNone=סמן כלום ... sp=sharing
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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby altef_4 » 27 Feb 2016, 15:19


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=Інформація про версію
VersionScript=Версія скрипту
VersionSetup=Версія файлу встановлення
VersionGame=Версія гри
VisitPP=Відвідати сторінку проекту
VisitCP=Відвідати сторінку перетворення
VisitWP=Відвідати wiki-сторінку

CheckAll=Вибрати всі
CheckNone=Зняти позначку з усіх


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=Информация о версии
VersionScript=Версия скрипта
VersionSetup=Версия установочного файла
VersionGame=Версия игры
VisitPP=Посетить страницу проекта
VisitCP=Посетить страницу преобразования
VisitWP=Посетить wiki-страницу

CheckAll=Выбрать все
CheckNone=Снять отметку со всех

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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby KaktoR » 28 Feb 2016, 00:11


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=Information über Versionen
VisitPP=Besuche Projektseite
VisitCP=Besuche Conversionseite
VisitWP=Besuche Wikiseite

CheckAll=Alle auswählen
CheckNone=Alle abwählen
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Re: CIUv2 public version

Postby houcine80 » 28 Feb 2016, 13:16


Code: Select all

InfoVersion=معلومات الإصدار
VersionScript=النسخة النصي
VersionSetup=صفحة الإعداد
VersionGame=صفحة اللعبة
VisitPP=زيارة صفحة مشروع
VisitCP=زيارة صفحة التحويل
VisitWP=زيارة صفحة ويكي

CheckAll=تحقق من كل
CheckNone=إلغاء جميع

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