A Beginner's Guide to Games Conversions

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A Beginner's Guide to Games Conversions

Postby VollachR » 13 Jan 2016, 13:05

A Beginner's Guide to Games Conversions

Before you begin, please read the Rules & Announcements forum, thank you.

Welcome, if you're here it means you're new to DVD9toDVD5, maybe even new to the whole game conversions scene, this guide will explain the basics you need to know (terms you need to understand, basic expectations & practices for using conversions, etc.).

Keep on reading...


Refers to DVD Media (Discs) of 4.5/4.7 GB

Refers to DVD Media (Discs) of 8GB, also called DVD Dual Layer or DVD Double Layer

Refers to Blu-ray Media (Discs) of 25GB in capacity

Refers to Blu-ray Media (Discs) of 50GB in capacity

Refers to regular Compact-Disc Media (Discs) of up to 700MB in capacity

Game Conversion
The process of converting a game from a specific type of media to another type of media, for Example: DVD9 to 2xDVD5 means the game was originally an 8GB Dual-Layer DVD and was converted to fit 2 regular 4.5/4.7GB DVD discs.

The process of taking a game which is a specific size and packing it into files while using archiving programs such as FreeArc, Winrar, 7zip, etc to make it fit smaller type of media (Discs).

Compression Method
Refers to the level of compression and the tools used to create the compression.

Compression/Conversion Script
Refers to the program code used to set-up and perform the compression for the specific game conversion.

Game Folder/Game Directory
The path/location where the game to be converted is installed on your computer.

Refers to additional files/programs that may need to be installed in order for the game to work. Few Examples: DirectX, Visual C++, NET Framework

RegKeys/Registry/Registry Keys
Refers to required values that are installed into the Windows registry system during the game's installation

Refers to the program used to create the custom installation for the conversion, CIU stands for Custom Installer Ultimate and CIUv2 is the main method for creating these custom installations/setups that is used on DVD9toDVD5.


When you download a game conversion, before you unpack the downloaded archive file, make sure to read the instructions provided by the OP (Original Post) of the conversion, most of the times it will include all the information you need.

As a rule, it is not recommended to unpack the downloaded file into the location where the game you are converting is installed, it can & will cause problems during the conversion creation process.

In most cases, when running the compression/conversion script provided by the person who created the conversion you will be asked for some input, usually to select the location where your game is installed, sometimes also to choose what to do when the conversion is finished and if you want to create ISO files (disc images) for the ready conversion.

It is always a good practice to test the ready conversion before you burn it to the specified media (discs), this way you won't be surprised by unexpected problems when you will try to install the game from the converted media the next time you need it.

Also, before starting a conversion you downloaded, it is a good practice to check if the OP included the final size expected for each media (disc) in the conversion, if it did, it is recommended to check that it matches the result got yourself, if it doesn't you may have a different version of the game, a more up-to-date version of the game, or there may be a problem with the conversion itself.

Conversion creators (Converters) are usually available to answer questions and help with problems on their conversions, as long as you followed the instructions to the letter.


There are many ways to create a conversion, the few things you need is a compression/conversion script of your choice (UCS, UCC, Compress.bat, UltraArc) and a way to create the autorun & setup for you conversion (CIUv2 is highly recommended).

For more information on CIUv2 and how to use it take a look at the CIUv2 Wiki.

Since this is a beginner's guide, I will not go into the specifics of how to use the various scripts or CIUv2, if you wish to learn the ropes of creating game conversions feel free to ask on our forums, we all started somewhere and gotten help from others.

Here are some materials and links for you:

CIU Archives (Older, Public Releases)
CIU + UltraArc
The CIUv2 Wikia

Good Luck & Welcome to the DVD9toDVD5 community.
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