Call of Duty Ghosts - 4xDVD9

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Call of Duty Ghosts - 4xDVD9

Postby Exodius » 07 Mar 2016, 20:17

Call of Duty Ghosts - 4xDVD9 *SP+1Language+CIUv2+FreeArc*
by Fabioddq

Based on CIU v2 by yener90; Compress.bat based on Peterf1999 and BAMsE scripts;
Music: "Main Theme"; Video: Ghosts Single Player Trailer (720p); Reg entries: Included;

Note: Leave _CommonRedist in the game folder; ImgBurn.exe is included on the conversion files;
Tested with all languages updated;

7xDVD5 HERE!!!

About versions:

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v1.0: First release;

 - Completely re-organized lst files and tested with all languages;
 - Updated GameSize according to update 1;
 - Added language option on Compress.bat;
 - Updated info Page;

1. Install the game and update 1. Download attachment and extract (not in game folder);

2. Run Compress.bat, type your game directory and press Enter;

3. Select the language you want to compress and wait for finished successfully!
Other languages will be excluded from the compression:
[ 1 ] English
[ 2 ] French
[ 3 ] German
[ 4 ] Italian
[ 5 ] Japanese
[ 6 ] Polish
[ 7 ] Russian
[ 8 ] Spanish

Attention: Make sure if you have the legit folder names, if not rename it: english, french, german, italian, japanese, polish, russian, spanish

4. Make ISO and test. If you use ImgBurn.exe, delete or move langs folder before make the ISO from Compress.bat.

Final Sizes:

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DVD1: 7.93GB
DVD2: 7.93GB
DVD3: 7.92GB
DVD4: English: 5.19GB; French: 5.25GB; German: 5.24GB; Italian: 5.24GB; Spanish: 5.29GB, other retail languages not tested but will fit anyway.
Installation time: Between 15 min and 20 min
Convertion time: Fast (No compression - makes no difference added compression in this game)



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